Intermediate Sailing (ASA 103)

Intermediate Sailing moves you onto a larger boat with the amenities necessary to enable you to go further and stay on the boat longer.

In some ways, the transition from Beginning to Intermediate Sailing is the biggest step you will take in this sport. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


$999 – Members
$1,140 – Non-Members

Your study of terms and technology continues in Intermediate Sailing. Now you need to understand the parts of the boat you rely on for food, water, and shelter, in addition to safety.

You’ll learn about weather and navigation and how to apply that knowledge to trip planning. Beginning Sailing was a daytime course. Prevention and responding to onboard emergencies also become important as you learn to venture further on a sailboat.

You’ll soon find the amount of time you spend sailing and the places you go are only limited if you choose to limit them. ASA 103 is truly a gateway to a whole new world.

Prerequisite: Beginning Sailing (ASA 101) & 1 Group Sail or six hours independent sailing

Students ages 17 & under must be accompanied by a legal guardian

Class Highlights:

  • Taught by a professional, licensed & certified instructor
  • Three full days on the water
  • ASA Text Book, Coastal Cruising Made Easy sold separately
  • ASA-103 Certification
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Advanced training in systems and boat handling
  • US Coast Guard equipped cruising sailboat
  • Skills and knowledge training that will last a lifetime

Includes 1 complimentary confidence sails with an ASA instructor post successful completion of your 3-day ASA 103 course. Confidence sails – Head out on the water and practice your skills with an ASA instructor on board. Up to 25hrs of class/water time. Schedule confidence sail within 60 days of completion of your ASA 101 course. Additional confidence sails can be purchased.


Prior to 5-day Begining/Intermediate Sailing ASA 101/103: Please purchase and read the books Sailing Made Easy and Coasting Cruising Made Easy both by The American Sailing Association (ASA). Also, please review the general information and rules for classes.


3 Day Course

arrival time:

9:00 A.M.


Public lot on the corner of Admiralty Way and Bali Way. Entrance to the lot is on Bali Way. Please purchase a day ticket and display on the dashboard.

Suggested Clothing:

Deck shoes with white soles and a warm jacket are essential year round. Casual comfortable sports clothing is recommended – layers are the way to go. Please pack all personal gear in a soft case or duffle bag, and remember that boats have very limited storage space.

No hard suitcases are permitted on the boats.


These items are highly recommended. They are not required for the classes, but will make your sailing experience more comfortable and/or interesting: flashlight(s), sailing gloves, sailing knife, portable GPS, inflatable vest such as SOSPENDERS (available from West Marine), hat, sunglasses and sun block, portable VHF, and cell phone.

Re-scheduling Classes:

Please understand that we will be expecting you on class day, and will have reserved a boat and an instructor for you.

  • If you cancel 14 days prior to your class, you will receive credit for future instruction.
  • Any credit granted must be used within six (6) months of the originally scheduled class.
  • The first timely request to reschedule is free; all others will be billed at $50.00 each.
  • Any cancellation requests with less than fourteen (14) days’ notice will forfeit their deposit.
  • If weather does not permit the class to take place, it will be rescheduled.
  • Absolutely no refunds, no exceptions.
  • No smoking
  • No pets are allowed on boats at any time.
  • No Firearms or Drugs:
  • The US Coast Guard and Blue Pacific Yachting have adopted a zero tolerance policy with regard to firearms or any illegal substance. Failure to comply could result in severe legal action.


$999 – Members
$1,140 – Non-Members

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